Administration of Estates in Torrevieja

Administration of Estates in Torrevieja


At the Administration of Estates Servigest Torrevieja,, we provide an agile and effective management and administration of properties addressed to those Communities of Owners that ask for a personalized attention.. Our administrators will work in a transparent,, clear and personalized manner for your community..

Our team, will answer your questions as regards the collision of rights as a result of the living-together in the units of collective ownership ((communities).).

With these services, we get involved in the day-to-day administration of a community of interests that,, administered,, rises in value each of the buildings of the Community of Owners as well as its common facilities..

Administration of Estates Services

  • To issue and manage the collection of the monthly bills, corresponding to the ordinary and extraordinary Budgets of the community..
  • Control and payment of all the financial obligations of the community of owners on a periodic and regular, basis as well as others of an exceptional nature that the Community assigns to us and that will be authorized by the President of the Community in order to maintain a smooth functioning of all and each of the services of the building..
  • Annual payment of expenses and incomes of the community,, detailing all the expenses, by item of expenditure, and distributed in accordance with the corresponding shares,, receipts detailing the different concepts of issue, detailing the incomes with their different concepts of issue and specifying the resulting individual balances..
  • Preparation of the annual budget of expenditure of the community of owners..
  • Preparation of the summons for General,, Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings of the communities;; with the attendance at the said Meetings.with such assistance.

Legal Advisory Services

  • Advice to the Board Management on legal issues and legal proceedings..
  • Preparation and follow-up of lawsuits against the defaulter co-owners or neighbours..

Maintenance / Repairs Services

Repairs and maintenance: we deal with professionals capable of solving the repairs problems and carrying out the necessary works for the proper conservation of the buildings in the community..

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C/ Apolo, 75 Low 03180 Torrevieja - Alicante Post office box 556


Phone.- 966 70 75 46

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